Contemporary Art Space

Holding space for POC, Queer and Femme voices

UNA Gallery is a collective art space run by contemporary artists with outsider identities. We aim to prioritize the work of marginalized artist communities while offering a consistent and constructive platform for the solo and collaborative efforts of non-established and experimental artists. We pride ourselves on promoting an open and welcoming environment where all individuals can fully express, connect, and celebrate the diversity of their backgrounds and identities.

Dear community members and friends, we have been overjoyed and grateful for the incredible turnout during UNA Gallery’s first year. The artists, performers, writers, and community that have come together in our space has been truly meaningful. As it becomes increasingly apparent that spaces like this one are important for all of us, Mercedes and Blair have decided to renew our lease for another year! 

Our goal is to raise money to help cover rent for the next few months as we strategize and find other means of support, grants, etc.. Please consider donating here https://www.gofundme.com/unagallerypdx

Artists/Shows featured:

- Mercedes Orozco
- Claire and Maya
- Leo Ariel
- De-Canon
- Stacey Tran and Sara Sutter
- Maya Vivas
- Katherine Spinella
- Lauren Stumpf
- Maximiliano
- Tender Table
- Sanctuary Sunday