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De-Canon: A Visibility Project (SOUND)

Music & Poetry Performance Event

Exploring the intersection of music & poetry with hybrid-forms artists:

  • Shayla Lawson

  • Trevino Brings Plenty

  • Dao Strom

  • Anna Vo

  • Tron 444

Suggested Donation $8

De-Canon: A Visibility Project is a pop-up library and web resource project that showcases literary art by writers/artists of color. Our goal is to put forth an alternative literary “canon” — or multiple canons — that are inclusive, diverse, and multi-storied in their approach to representation.

Our library collection includes works by writers and artists working in and across the domains of poetry, prose, hybrid literary forms, image-text, visual art, performance, movement, and more. Through this project, we wish to push against notions of how literature - which conveys to us perception, language, and cultural (as well as self) definitions - may be transmitted, gathered, contained, released, hidden, revealed, coded, decoded, shared and preserved, in both temporal and fixed ways, especially for communities of color.

What lies beyond/under/within language for you?

Throughout the month of August, we will investigate this question with a curation of four primary performance events showcasing local writers and artists of color. Four “modes” of embodied expression will provide framework for this series of events.

The library space will also be available for discussion and literary/art workshop sessions for POC groups. Visitors will be encouraged to browse and experience this exhibit at their own pace during open hours.

De-Canon is a literary arts project directed by writers Dao Strom and Neil Aitken