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"Papaya Salad Contest Party" Screening

Thai-American artist May Cat has announced that she will be offering a special screening of one of the videos from her current project, Kin Khao, which is an Asian American diaspora project funded by the Precipice Fund, the Andy Warhol Foundation of Visual Arts, and the Calligram Foundation. 


The short video will screen at UNA Gallery on March 10, 2018, from 3:30pm-5pm. 

• Vocalist Adrienne Boekeloo will perform at the event’s commencement.

• Lucy Vang & Maly Thao (Papaya Salad award winner) representing the Hmong community will answer questions after the video.

• Maly's Papaya, one of the contestant winners, will be serving her papaya salad from $5-10 for up to 20 people!


The video, called “Papaya Salad Contest Party”, was taken on January 20, 2018, at Mekong Bistro a Portland-based Cambodian-Lao restaurant. During the event, Southeast Asian community members served papaya salad, or tum mak hoong, (also known as bok la hong, or som tum) which is a unique, versatile dish typically paired with sticky rice throughout Cambodia, Vietnam, Lao, and Thailand. 

Cat and the event organizers expected 50 people but nearly 300 guests came. Each contestant received 5 pounds of shredded papaya. Cat interviewed organizers including Lucy Vang (Hmong community), Jai Wang (Lao community; co-owner at Mekong), Lorelei Hosmillo (Filipino community), and Saron Krut (Cambodian community; co-owner at Mekong).

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