We are UNA

Nov 3 - Dec 1, 2016

UNA is a contemporary art space meant to celebrate and nurture creativity, experimentation, and expression. With four main organizers, each with a different artistic background and history, our collective hopes to provide support for emerging artists of all media and goals. Specifically, our group wants to highlight the work of people of color (POC), queer, gender non-conforming, and feminist artists. Our goal is to provide as close a professional gallery experience as possible while maintaining a focus on fostering new work and emerging artists. 

This group show represents a varying range of voices, media and aesthetics that in some way represent our mission. It is the launch of our project and our Grand Opening.

The participating artists are:

Ari Freitag
Amanda D. Potter
Suzanne Olvey
Amy Ruedninger
Finn Graves
Molly Mendoza
Kevin Holden
Amicia Siwick
Hannah Nissen
Violet Reed
Tatum Brydges
Kate McCourt
Yola Pilch
Emily Quintero

+ Musical Performance by Amanda Eve