RESIST // February 2017

"Throughout history, culture and art have always been the celebration of freedom under oppression." 
- Author unknown

Comx Agux Parx Chocolate by Maximiliano


Please join us Thursday, February 2nd for the opening reception of UNA’s first 2017 exhibition: RESIST

Featuring artwork from Maya Vivas, Dan Pillers, Andrea Beck, Carlos Gonzáles Acosta and Maximiliano. RESIST celebrates local POC, Femme, and Queer artists employing personal identity as a means of opposition.

In addition to the visual work, Stacey Tran and Sara Sutter, two Portland poets and artists, will perform form their project: Resistance Somatics.

Los Desaparecidos and The Glory of This Land by Andrea Beck

As always, we thank you for helping us serve these incredible artists and hope you’ll join us in recognition of their efforts!