Día de Muertx // November 2017

November was an important month at UNA for various reasons.

Día de Muertx is a celebration that is very close to my heart. My mom fomented my love of all the rituals involved in setting al altar since I was a child, and throughout my life the celebration has changed in shape and meaning. This year felt particularly important to me due to the devastating death of a dear friend and the simultaneously wonderful privilege of having this space for creative use. For these two main reasons, November couldn't be about anything else but the celebration of that dance between life/creation, and death/renewal. 

Photo by Jonathan Raissi

Photo by Jonathan Raissi

November was a pretty full month and included some wonderful coverage by Street Roots, Portland in Color, a project by Celeste Noche, and even the PCC Class Catalogue! :P

Photo by  Celeste Noche  for  Portland in Color

Photo by Celeste Noche for Portland in Color

The exhibit consisted of collaboratively building three altars, each in dedication to our three priorities at UNA: Social Justice, Community and Art. Thus, we created an homage to the folks in our lives and community that have died, in a ritualistic invitation to celebrate life together.

The event hosted poets Stacey Tran, Sea Mason, Sophya Vidal, Mason Mimi, and Tara Miller. Altar collaborators include the wonderful artists behind Letra Chueca Press, Dinorah Santana and the beautiful performance by Héctor Ornelas and Philip King.

Community Names Wall // Photo by Jonathan Raissi

Community Names Wall // Photo by Jonathan Raissi

It was an absolute honor to celebrate with so many artists and community member in this, our last show of 2017! We are looking forward to hibernating as we prepare for a shiny and new 2018!

Please keep us in mind for donations, as our space directly depends on your kind generosity! Find us on GoFundMe, PayPal and CashApp. THANK YOU! <3