Portland in Color // March 2018

Since the summer of 2017, Celeste Noche has been collecting the stories and experiences of creatives of color living in Portland, through this photographic blog series. The project is simple and honest in nature, yet yields vulnerable and empowering portraits of artists actively creating and organizing in a town deemed the whitest city in America.

“My hope is to disrupt the homogeneity of the media— both in how it represents our communities and in who they hire to do this work. When we don't actively support and promote marginalized artists, we perpetuate the idea that POC don't have a place in the creative industry,” says Noche.

The portrait series features individuals with a multiplicity of disciplines and backgrounds; from visual artists, musicians, and astrologers, to writers, facilitators and organizers. Everyone featured was additionally invited to showcase their talent through a series of events and workshops throughout march.

Participating/ Featured Artists:

Jassy O'nyae Kelly: Sip Sample and Shop

Ev'yan Whitney: Sexting Myself- Workshop

Saria Dy: Visual Art

Sashiko Yuen AKA Wishcandy: Visual Art

Emilly Prado: Freelance Writing 101

May Cat: "Papaya Salad Contest Winner" Short Film Screening

Mercedes Orozco: Yours truly & Director of UNA Gallery

Carrissa Paige: Poet and Sex-positive Entrepreneur

Maya Vivas: Visual Artist & Co-Director of Ori Gallery

Miss Renee: Flirting with Mars, Gettin' it on with Venus (Astrology Workshop)

Erin Martinez: Musician & Instructor

Soleil Ho: Food Writer

Jonny Sanders: Musician

Lydia Grijalva: Zine-writing Workshop

Carlos the Rollerblader: Free Advice Phone Line

The Chiu Family- A'Misa, Alex and Mazzy: Print-making Workshop