Things I've Found // March 2017

To find is to come in contact with something for the very first time. It can allude to rediscovering meaningful somethings you thought you’d lost. You can find yourself enjoying moments and persons that once annoyed you. You find yourself when you finally take that risk. You find the best in others. You find meaning in objects.

Works by Erin Dengerink

Things I've Found addresses the scavenging process inherent to alternative media. It is about engaging with an idea deeper than the objects themselves. About observing the moments of personal discovery in our daily life, and examining the method by which we find value in our individual experience.

"You seem nice" by Megean McBride

This exhibit is a conversation about the found, as told through varying perspectives.

Proudly showcasing visual and performance works by:

Daniela Ortiz Rojo

Erin Dengerink

Erinn Kathryn

George Zinn

Jillian Barthold

Julia Tatiyatrairong

Katherine Spinella

Lauren Stumpf

Leo Ariel

Mari Shepard-Glenn

Matthew Barry

Megean McBride

Molly Valentine Dierks

Tessa Bolsover